Play With Clay

Hand-building & Potters Wheel

Release your inner child and come play with clay in our studio!

Cost: $8 studio fee + clay (2 pounds $45) this includes all your sculpting equipment, 2 firings and glazing!

Hand-building – Doesn’t require a special reservation.

Potters wheel – Must book a “try it” session online through our “Reservations and events calendar” or call 705-293-5456 to register over the phone. (We have to make sure a staff member is available to instruct your session)

Time: All clay requires a minimum 1 week drying time before it can receive its first fire, therefore we will contact you within 2 weeks of your building day that your creation is ready to be painted and receive its second firing. (This means all clay projects require 2 visits).

Special events: Once a month we host an in studio hand-building experience. To see what’s coming up next check out our “Reservations and events calendar