How It Works

Pottery Painting

What It Costs

There is a studio fee of $6.00 per painter plus the cost of pottery. The studio fee includes paints, supplies, glazing and firing of the piece.

Pottery ranges from $9-$60 with a large selection of pieces in the $9-$24 range.

We provide everything our creators need in order to make their own custom masterpiece.

Note: Glazing and firing can take between 3-5 day, we try to have everything ready as fast as possible. If this doesn’t work for you we also offer shipping or our specialty acrylic paint. This way anyone visiting our shop can make memories to last a lifetime!


Canvas Painting

How It works

Please notify the studio in advance if you wish to do canvas.

Explore your inner Picasso with one of our fully instructed diy canvas kits, we supply all the paint, instruction booklets, canvas and brushes needed to make a masterpiece you will be proud to hang on your wall.

Cost: $6 studio fee plus $30 16×20 canvas.



Glass Fusion

A fun and easy to do medium, we like to think of glass fusion like making a pizza. Choose your base piece add the toppings and we melt it all down in our kiln to finish it off.

Please call ahead to confirm this is an available option for the date and time you are interested.

Note: Glass fusion has a longer turn around time and can take up to 4 weeks from the creation date.

Cost: $6 studio fee + cost of glass ranging from $20-65

Once a month from 7-10pm we do an instructed event with a set price. To see our next event go to our “Class & Events” Page!